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Chengdu Lingchuan Industries Co。, Ltd。 (hereinafter referred to as Lingchuan company) is a large second-class enterprises, under the top 500 Chinese enterprises in the first 31, 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, 9 Chinese Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation, also known as the first six or seven state-owned factory。 Lingchuan company has fixed assets of 495。33 million yuan, a strength of more than 1,700 people, covers an area of 530 acres, is a set of machining, stamping, welding, forging, heat treatment, surface treatment in an integrated processing enterprises。

In recent years, military and civilian goods Lingchuan company through technological innovation, scientific development was constructed Lingchuan support R &;;;;;;;;;;; D and manufacturing platform, the company consolidated and developed the only Army and Navy Lingchuan launcher status of research and production base, the companys market leading civilian competition and technological innovation into the domestic first-class level, a medium-sized industrial enterprises in Sichuan, the largest 500 and transportation equipment manufacturing industry in Sichuan Province, one of the top 30。 In recent years, an annual growth rate of 20%, entered the fast lane。 In 2006, the company achieved sales of 3。8 billion, has exceeded 400 million yuan in 2007。

Security forces as a key state enterprises, the company always keep in mind Lingchuan ";;;;;;;;;;;protect national army newspaper

People rich, ";;;;;;;;;;;the sacred mission of product development and production of the Army and Navy of the tactical indicators have reached international advanced level of similar products, a large number of domestic equipment, military, militia and armed forces of our ry has made an outstanding contribution to national defense。

The leading civilian wheel, muffler, fuel tank basically synonized with the OEMs, independent research and development, and through technological innovation, t venture, the three leading products for civilian use to achieve the production capacity, quality, rapid increase, reaching 3 million wheels, muffler 40 million units, the fuel tanks annual output capacity of 500,000, has been entered in the field of high-end cars support。 In 2007, the company has build in Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park, and continue to broaden the domestic market, into the international market, achieve economies of scale across the business and development。

Lingchuan is the provincial center, with its own military and civilian R &;;;;;;;;;;; D department and a high level of scientific research, processing, management personnel, the existing three to enjoy the state special allowance of expert personnel, a group leader in science and technology, Engineering Research 7, senior professional titles and 51 personnel。 The company paid great attention to entrepreneurship development, in accordance with the engineering, management, skilled workers to carry out the three category-level professional training, through internal and external training, such as expert lectures, go to the Department of college training, academic education, business administration and continuing education, etc。, strengthening of personnel。 Made outstanding contributions in the work of talent, will enjoy special benefits given to the factory and the different levels of incentives。 R &;;;;;;;;;;; D personnel can enjoy the scientific research prize。 With the continuous development of enterprises, the company will continue to improve the treatment of human life and work, providing a broad space for development。

Looking ahead, prospects are very broad Lingchuan。 Lingchuan company is willing to work together in the insight, the implementation of technology and innovation as the core, the basis of scientific management, institutional reform as the driving force, capital operation as an opportunity to enhance the core competitiveness, sound and rapid development of enterprises, so that Is there a return on the economic strength of staff, service people, and contributing to society。


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